Security camera installation provided by Richland PC.

Richland PC can add a layer of security and peace of mind by installing cameras at your location. Security cameras today are more reliable, and have better quality compared to previous options. We can sometimes install your existing equipment, or let us choose a full solution to fit your budget and needs.

Security Camera Features

  • Wired and Wireless
  • Night Vision
  • Phone Access
  • High Definition Video
  • Weatherproof
  • 2 Way Audio Available
  • Motion and Sensor Detection
  • Digital Video Recorder

Typical Install Envoirnments

  • Business Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Homes
  • Garages and Sheds
  • Retail Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Churches
  • Restaurants

All camera solutions are custom built to your needs. Recording time, video quality, security camera placement, and system access are built to your specifications. Video recording systems are easily viewed with a TV or monitor, and controlled with an included computer mouse. Video streams can be accessed with phones, tables, and other computers from any location with internet access. Quotes are always free, including an on-site visit to your location. NVR software makes camera management an easy.

Security camera installation in available in all of Richland, Ashland, Crawford, and Morrow counties. This includes the cities of Mansfield, Crestline, Galion, Mt. Gilead, Lexington, Mt. Vernon, Ashland, Shelby, Bucyrus, Fredericktown, Bulter, Loudonville, Perrysville, and surrounding Ohio areas.

Security Camera Capabilities

  • 4K HD recording
  • 100 Degrees + FOV
  • Computer Camera Viewing
  • Android Camera Viewing
  • Apple Camera Viewing
  • 100 Foot Night Vision

Average hard drive size needed is 0.15TB per camera per day. Wireless system is required for any wireless cameras. All wireless cameras and wireless repeaters do require a power outlet within 300 feet. Ideally wireless cameras and repeaters will have power close by. Wireless repeaters are installed as needed based on the environment, distance covered, and number of cameras.

ChannelsMPNumber of CamerasCamera StyleMAX HD TBaudio2-way audioprice
884Bullet32 (16×2)x $1,170 
884Dome32 (16×2)  $1,170 
886Bullet40 (20×2)x $1,370 
886Dome40 (20×2)  $1,370 
888Bullet40 (20×2)x $1,750 
888Dome40 (20×2)  $1,750 
16812Bullet40 (20×2)x $3,000 
16812Bullet32 (16×2) x$4,070 
16816Bullet40 (20×2)x $3,870 
16816Bullet32 (16×2) x$5,080 
32824Bullet128 (32×4)x $5,870 
32832Bullet128 (32×4)x $7,600 
Hard Drive Size       
2TB      $60 
4TB      $110 
6TB      $175 
8TB      $230 
10TB      $320 
12TB      $375 
14TB      $415 
16TB      $510 
20TB      N/A
Installation Parts Included     
Hard Drive      $60 
Wired Camera 50ft Max    $85 
Wired Camera 100ft Max    $110 
Wired Camera 300ft Max    $240 
Wireless System      $200 
Wireless Camera      $180 
Wireless Repeater      $110 
Extra Camera      $200