No monthly fees.

No (unknown) 3rd party company employees with spying abilities on your home.

Wireless connection to central hub and equipment that you own.

Sensors can be connected to existing wires if necessary.

Get alerts on your cell phone.


  • System uses ZWave technology.
  • Every system needs a central hub to talk to sensors. This hub can be a piece of hardware like a wireless router, or a wireless usb ran from any computer. The computer method is preferred with more options available.
  • Sensors can control lights, outlets, garage doors, thermostats, pool pumps, water heaters, cameras, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, door locks and  more.
  • Sensors are controlled via the hub, and/or keypads and remotes to send alerts via email, text messaging, phone calls, alarms, and to other sensors.

With home automation you create the level of security, and level of ease. It’s easy to set your home to turn lights on and off at certain hours, or have them set on time controlled dimmers. Control outlets also on timers, or at the push of a button. Have the thermostat adjust based on a temperature sensor, and get alerts if you left the oven on. Motion sensors can notify and take pictures or video. Have a full scale alarm with sirens and pre-recorded calls to 911 when your system is armed. Independent levels allow each floor, or area of your home to have its’ own settings.

Every system needs a hub. A hub can be a stand alone appliance just like a wireless router. It is wireless but on a different frequency that does not talk to wifi, but talk to ZWave devices via wireless. The hub comes with its’ own software. The other method is to use a ZWave usb on a computer that is always running. This can be an existing computer that does not need a lot power.

Pricing may vary depending on vendor pricing.
Other hardware available includes remote, remote with lcd, strobe alarm, siren, and more.

  • Hub standalone,
  • Hub usb,
  • Wired light switch,
  • Wired light switch with dimmer,
  • 3 Way switch kit with dimmer,
  • Indoor or Outdoor wall light plug,
  • Wireless motion/temp/light/humidity sensor,
  • Door tilt sensor (garage),
  • Door/window sensor,
  • Wireless keypad controller,
  • Wireless extender,
  • Thermostat,
  • Appliance module (monitors energy consumption),
  • Relay for garage doors, Pool Pumps, Water Heaters,
  • Door locks,
  • Drapery control,
  • Cameras,
  • Smoke/carbon monoxide detector